Lots of green things come in our vegetables shares. For help telling them apart, check out the images and descriptions below!

Celery highlighted.jpg

We grow two varieties of celery on the farm, Ventura and Redventure celery, and neither resemble the supermarket variety. Our celery tends to be thinner-stalked, but more potent in flavor and nutrients. Redventure is a red-tinged variety. Use the stalks in recipes calling for celery, adjusting for the more concentrated flavor. Dry and save those tops for a home-made celery salt or to crinkle directly into soups.


Cilantro is an herb with a fresh, grassy green flavor. It works well stirred into salsas, sprinkled atop soups, whirred into salad dressings, or spread on tacos.


Collard Greens
A staple of Southern soul food, collard greens are highly nutritious. Like other dark leafy greens, collards greens are best when not overcooked. Saute a little garlic and/or some chopped onion in a skillet, then add the collards and a splash of water. Cover and cook until just tender, but still green.

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A famous addition to pickles, this herb serves many other dishes quite well. It graces Greek recipes and adds a fresh bite to mellow foods. Try serving it with blanched, buttered carrots or use in this dill kohlrabi pie.

Green cabbage highlighted.jpg

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
An attractive and great-tasting heirloom cabbage. This sweet cabbage makes a great coleslaw.

Melon highlighted-2.jpg

Early moonbeam watermelon
An icebox watermelon with a sweet, yellow interior. Try adding this colorful melon to a salad such as this spicy cucumber-melon salad.

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Eden's Gem Melon
This small muskmelon is a green-fleshed fruit. Eden's Gem melons are smooth, sweet, and complex. 

Cajun jewel okra highlighted.jpg

Endive is a mildly bitter salad green often mixed with other lettuces to add variety and punch. Rinse well and mix with other salad greens.

Green cabbage highlighted-2.jpg

Farao Cabbage
Tender, thin leaves characterize this cabbage variety. This cabbage is sweet with a little bite and has a crisp texture. This cabbage would make a great choice for a raw cabbage wrap recipe or a stuffed cabbage.

Garlic Scapes Highlighted 2.jpg

Garlic Scapes
An early cutting from garlic plants causes larger bulbs to develop. Garlic scapes have a very mild, garlicky flavor. They're great in stir fries or fresh spring pestos.

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Green Bell Peppers
Green bell peppers are picked before they ripen to their final color. They have a crisp, grassy flavor and are especially good raw. They often grace veggie trays, but are also fresh additions to salads and sandwiches.

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Green Zebra Tomatoes
Nope, these tomatoes aren't unripe! Green zebra tomatoes are an heirloom variety noted for their bright green color. Some fruits develop a striped pattern, some an orange blush, and others remain an unmarked pale green shade. Ripe green zebras are firm, but have a slight give when pressed.