Root vegetables appear in our shares throughout the season. Take a look at the images and descriptions below to identify the roots in your share this week.

Beauuregard sweet potato highlighted.jpg

Beauuregard Sweet Potato
This sweet potato has red skins and bright orange flesh. Sweet and moist, these potatoes are great for baking and mashing. 

Bull's blood beets highlighted.jpg

Bull's Blood Beet
Bull's Blood beets are small, round beets with candy-striped coloring inside. The richly colored greens can be sauteed for a nutritious side. Try roasting the roots in olive oil and salt.


Cherry belle radish
Like other root vegetables, radishes keep best when separated from their tops. If you don't plan to use them right away, store the roots in a container filled with water to keep them from going limp. Try such great classics as radishes on a baguette with a little good butter or cream cheese, salt, and pepper. Don't toss those tops, though! The greens make a delicious addition to stir-fries or soups!

Chioggia beet-.jpg

Chioggia Beet
Beautifully striped, this pink and white beet is sweet and a bit starchy when eaten raw. They can be treated the same ways as red beets, but the coloring fades. Try slicing them thinly into salads

Cylindra Highlighted-2.jpg

Cylindra Beet
A sweet beet with a shape that makes it well suited for pickling. The oblong shape of Cylindra beets yields even slices that allow for even cooking and little waste.

Easter egg radishes highlighted.jpg

Easter Egg Radish
In shades of red, pink, purple, and white, these multicolored radishes make beautiful additions to salads and sandwiches. They are similar in flavor to more familiar varieties.


Touchstone Gold Beet
Gold beets are a brilliant yellow-orange color inside and out. They're milder in flavor than red beets, but just as packed with nutrients. Golden beets are great shredded in this  raw beet salad or roasted with olive oil and salt until tender

Haruki turnips highlighted.jpg

Haruki Turnips
These smooth, white turnips are a small summer variety. Their flavor is sweet and mild. These tender turnips are wonderful sliced thinly over a salad. For something different, try making pink pickled turnips.

Hercules highlighted.jpg

Hercules Carrot
A crunchy, flavorful carrot that matures early in the season.

Kohlrabi Highlighted.jpg

Kohlrabi might be a somewhat unusual-looking vegetable, but its flavor is pleasant and familiar. Related to broccoli and cabbage, kohlrabi has a similar flavor to both. Try this twist on spinach-feta pie using kohlrabi

Kolibri Kohlrabi Highlighted.jpg

Kolibri Kohlrabi
Purple outside, crisp and white on the inside, this is a strange-looking vegetable with a familiar cruciferous flavor. Kohlrabi can be baked in gratins, sauteed in stir-fries, or eaten raw win slaws. Peel if the skin seems thick or tough.

Red norland potatoes highlighted.jpg

Red Norland Potato
The Red Norland potato is a great all-purpose potato. It's starchy enough for baking and frying, but holds its shape well for boiling and mashing. No need to peel these potatoes; their red skins are pretty and nutritious