Have you ever seen a white eggplant? How about a white cucumber? Browse the images and descriptions below to find out more.

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White Bush Lebanese Squash
This is a rare summer squash variety from Lebanon. It has a delicate flavor that takes well to simple dressing. Try brushing it with olive oil, sprinkling with salt, and grilling it. Add some fresh herbs before serving.

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Yellow Onion
We grow a couple varieties of yellow onion, including Prince Onion and New York Early. These varieties are good storage onions and, if kept properly, can last into early spring.

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Yellow Potatoes
The Yukon Gold yellow potatoes we grow on the farm are great all-purpose potatoes. They work equally well baked, boiled in soups, fried, and mashed. For a healthy side, try roasting them with a little olive oil, salt, turmeric, and black pepper.