Meals in Bowls

Working lots of CSA veggies into a weekly routine packed with other activities and obligations can be a tricky task for many subscribers; Blake and I are no exceptions.

One meal that always seems to make good use of the variety of veggies while being quick and satisfying is a bowl style dinner. This works especially well if you have the discipline (or time) to pre-prep some ingredients by roasting vegetables or washing and chopping greens. But, even if you don't, they come together pretty quickly. I like that you can use up odds and ends leftover from other meals, too. 

I start from a base of a starch, preferably a whole grain or seed, though you could approach it starchless if you prefer. Barley, wheat berries, rye berries, millet, quinoa, or rice all work well in bowls. Sauteed or raw greens are good--even lettuce works here. Roasted veggies like turnips, beets, radishes, sweet potatoes, or squash add depth and satisfying sweetness. Raw or roasted tomatoes, peppers, or eggplant. Homemade or good quality store bought pickles are a nice change as well; think pickled carrots or beets, kimchi, pickled peppers, etc. Some kind of dressing, vinaigrette, or sauce pulls the bowl together nicely. For more protein, a few ounces of grilled meat, fresh or canned fish, seared tofu, a fried or poached egg, nuts, Greek yogurt, or beans are all equally good choices. And for a little salt, I love crumbled feta cheese.  

For more information or inspiration, these articles are great:

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Recipes for inspiration

Mediterranean vegetable bowls wih quinoa, toasted chickpeas, and harissa tahini 
Coconut quinoa and warm broccoli bowl with ginger lemongrass dressing 
Warm kimchi bowl with spicy broccoli and sesame scallion wild rice 
Bulgur bowl with spinach, mushrooms and dukkah 
Rice bowl with cabbage and baked tofu 
Quinoa and rice bowl with kale, kimchi, and egg 
Rice noodle salad with spring vegetables and tahini-lime dressing

Some ideas to get you started composing your own:

Barley, sauteed chard, sauteed mushrooms, yogurt sauce, feta
Wheat berries, shaved zucchini, pine nuts, golden raisins, Parmesan, basil, vinaigrette
Rice, seared tofu, carrot, turnip, radish, cilantro, sesame seeds
Rice, grilled steak, tomato, green onions, pickled carrots, cilantro, avocado dressing
Soba noodles, blanched broccoli, pickled carrot, shrimp, sesame seeds, soy sauce